Fact Sheets

Publication DateTitleAuthors
2019FS-19-10 Managed Aquifer Recharge in Snow-Fed River Basins: What, Why and How?Kelley Sterle, Wesley Kitlasten, Eric Morway, Rich Niswonger, Loretta Singletary
2019 FS-19-09 Four Climate Scenarios Developed to Explore Adaptation Strategies for the Truckee-Carson River SystemChristine Albano, Kelley Sterle, Michael Dettinger, Loretta Singletary
2018FS-18-06 Adapting Truckee River Reservoir Operations for a Warmer ClimateKelley Sterle, Loretta Singletary
2018FS-18-04 Shifts in Local Climate Adaptation Strategies over the 2015-2017 Water Years: A Case Study in the Truckee-Carson River SystemKelley Sterle, Loretta Singletary
2017FS-17-15 Adapting to Variable Water Supply in the
Truckee-Carson River System: Results of Focus Groups Conducted in 2016 With Local Water Managers
Kelley Sterle, Loretta Singletary
2016FS-16-04: Collaborative Modeling to Assess and Enhance Community Climate ResiliencyLoretta Singletary
2016FS-16-01: Sustaining Water and Climate Resiliency in the Truckee-Carson River system Maureen McCarthy, Loretta Singletary, Kelley Sterle, Karen Simpson, Kelsey Fitzgerald, Greg Pohll, Seshadri Rajagopal, Justin Huntington, Michael Dettinger, Rich Niswonger, Derek Kauneckis.