Special Publications

Publication DateTitleAuthors
2020Special Publication 20-02: Water Sustainability and Climate in the Truckee-Carson River System, Western United StatesKelley Sterle, Loretta Singletary, Gi-Eu Lee, Kim Rollins, Greg Pohll, Maureen McCarthy, Shey Rajagopal, Christine Albano, Will Boyer, Justin Huntington, Michael Dettinger, Richard Niswonger, Eric Morway, Wesley Kitlasten, Murphy Gardener, Shane Coors, Linnet Jose, Derek Kauneckis
2017Special Publication 17-15: Adapting to Variable Water Supply in the Truckee-Carson River SystemKelley Sterle, Loretta Singletary
2017Special Publication 17-05: Climate Scenarios for the Truckee-Carson River SystemMichael Dettinger, Kelley Sterle, Karen Simpson, Loretta Singletary, Kelsey Fitzgerald, Maureen McCarthy
2017Special Publication 17-04: Collaboratively Modeling Water Resources in the Truckee-Carson River SystemKelley Sterle, Loretta Singletary, Greg Pohll
2016Special Publication 16-03: Assessing the Climate Resiliency and Adaptive Capacity of the Truckee-Carson River SystemLoretta Singletary, Kelley Sterle, Karen Simpson