Journal Articles

Publication DateJournalTitleAuthors
2020Climate ServicesSupporting local adaptation through the co-production of climate information: An evaluation of collaborative research processes and outcomesLoretta Singletary, Kelley Sterle
2020J. Water Resour. Plann. Manage.Collaboratively Modeling Reservoir Reoperation to Adapt to Earlier Snowmelt RunoffKelley Sterle, Linnet Jose, Shane Coors, Loretta Singletary, Greg Pohll, Seshadri Rajagopal
2020Land EconomicsThe Relationship between Priority and Value of Irrigation Water Used with Prior Appropriation Water RightsGi-Eu Lee, Kimberly Rollins, Loretta Singletary
2019Bulletin of the American Meteorological SocietyHydroclimate variability in snow-fed river systems: Local water managers’ perspectives on adapting to the new normalKelley Sterle, Benjamin Hatchett, Loretta Singletary, Greg Pohll
2017WaterCollaborative Modeling to Assess Drought Resiliency of Snow-Fed River Dependent Communities in the Western United States: A Case Study in the Truckee-Carson River System Loretta Singletary, Kelley Sterle